Get started with an energy audit!

There are two ways to do an energy audit on your facility: “Do it Yourself” (or have Kansas IPL help you do it), or “Have  a Professional Do It”

Do It Yourself

A great way to get started is with a do-it-yourself energy audit. Audits help identify where you can save both energy and money – and the energy efficiency investments that make the most sense. Most of this is “low hanging fruit” – drafts that let in cold air in the winter, incandescent lighting that uses a lot of energy and causes your AC to have to work harder, and the like.

DIY Congregation Energy Audit_KansasIPL

Members of Kansas IPL have done over 100 energy audits over the years, saving thousands of dollars and tons of pollution for our member congregations in the process. We can help you too! Ask for one of our experienced volunteers to come help you audit your facility. You’ll learn a lot about saving energy and money, and about Kansas IPL as well!

You can also do an audit yourself. We have resources available to help, including a thorough do-it-yourself audit.

Contact Kansas IPL coordinator Moti Rieber to set up an audit visit to your community or to for advice on your DIY audit.

Have a Professional Do It

The next stage is having a professional audit done by a certified auditor. If you’re planning to do capital improvements, you’ll want to do this. Most of the time if you’re looking for bank or other financing to help fund your improvements, they will want to see an audit performed by a certified auditor.

The following is a list of independent energy auditors taken from the website of the Kansas Energy Information Network (KEIN). Kansas IPL makes no endorsements or recommendations on behalf of the auditors listed below.

Decent Energy, Leawood

Devine Energy Interventions, Lawrence

Energy Audit America, Overland Park

Essential Inspections LLC, Lawrence/Topeka/KCK

Home Efficiency Solutions LLC, Johnson County

Sustainable Energy Systems, Augusta

Smith & Boucher Engineers, Olathe

Energy Solutions Professionals, Overland Park

KCP&L List of Certified Energy Auditors

(If you’re an energy auditor in Kansas and want to be listed on our webpage, please contact the Coordinator.)



An overview of  DIY Home Energy Assessments can be found on the US Department of Energy website.